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Adventure cruises out of the beaten path via Antarctica and the Arctic, and sailing through wild tropical regions.
Gliding activities (surf, kite, sup paddle, kayak, snowboard...) Diving, fishing, bird watching, whale watching...

Cruises 2020 : Polynesia (Tahiti, Tuamotu) / Chile (Easter Island, Puerto Montt, Iquique) / Salinas (Ecuador)

1. Thaiti - Easter Island - Puerto Montt (Chile)


35 days
Offshore crossing

offshore crossing from Tahiti to Rapa Nui (Easter Island) and Puerto Montt (Chile) with one stop in Rapa Nui.

2 . Puerto Montt - Valparaiso (Chile)


February to March

Birdwatchers Expedition from Puerto Mont , Chile to Valparaiso around Juan Fernandez Islands.

3.  Chile - Tuamotu (Polynesia)



Offshore crossing

Offshore crossing from Chile to Polynesia, Tuamotu.

4. Tuamotu


May - August

12 - 15 days

Exploration cruise

Sailing between the atolls of Tuamotu. a Paradise for snorkeling, surfing, kitesurfing, diving, observing sharks and tropical fish, exploration the reef, and discovering the world of pearl farming.

5. Tahiti (Polynesia) - Iquique (Chile)


Offshore crossing

Offshore crossing from Chile to Polynesia, Tuamotu.

6. Iquique (Chile) - Salinas (Ecuador)



Chile second Humboldt current birdwatchers expedition from Iquique to Ecuador, Salinas

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Sailing & Exploring & Expedition : Tropicc, Remotes Places, Arctic, Antarctica Wild life, Gliding sport, Diving, Fishing, Offshore passage, ​Film making, Bird and whales watching ...

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