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November 2010 - Rapa nui (Easter Island)

Sauvage has made a beautiful landfall in Rapa Nui, after 23 days of  crossing from Puerto Vallarta.. WE had  couple of birdie visitors on board, boobies staying for the night and ...egrets ??? We got 2 mahi mahi, no tuna. We crossed the Doldrums with squally conditions and it was very cold when we were close to Galapagos. Approaching Rapa Nui is really emotioanal, we saw our first Moais as we were preparing to anchor in Hanga Roa, facing the interior of the Island. The swell conditions are good , the anchorage is not too rolly .

WE explore the island the whole week and we'll be leaving next week for a non stop crossing to Puerto Williams and Ushuaia.

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